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Annual Report Achievements

Case Study 2: Promoting understanding of the client company’s goals and management strategies of a new company formed through a merger


Pharmaceutical company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

IR Issues

In the second year since the merger, the new company was faced with the task of continuing to communicate its philosophy and goals. To that end, it was also necessary for the client company to gain the understanding and support of investors in regard to its management strategies. Another important task was demonstrating and explaining the synergies created through the merger from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International planned and developed an annual report with a particular focus on portraying the passion and leadership of the client company’s management.

  1. Seven pages of the report were devoted to a message from and an interview with the new president, who had been appointed in the year under review. These pages formed the core of the report.
  2. In the president’s message, we asked the president to offer an overview of the entire pharmaceutical industry, as well as the role that the client company plays in that industry. At the same time, we encouraged the president to explain his thoughts regarding the client company’s goals and its management in the medium to long term.
  3. The interview with the president was conducted in a Q&A style in which we presented the president with a number of questions regarding the interests and concerns of investors and solicited the president for his earnest response.