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Annual Report Achievements

Case Study 3: Communicating the unique value and strengths of the client company against the backdrop of a harsh operating environment


Automobile manufacturer listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

IR Issues

The automobile industry was faced with an unprecedented global recession. Amidst the increasingly intense race for corporate survival, automobile manufacturers had to address the IR issue of solidifying the trust that investors held in them. For the client, this was to be accomplished by showing investors the client company’s growth in corporate value over the next 5 to 10 years through implementing strategies to further differentiate themselves from their competitors. Another issue was alleviating investor concerns regarding its financial base.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International developed an annual report that addressed the concerns of shareholders and other investors in a straight-forward, positive manner.

  1. We devoted 12 pages of the report to messages from and interviews with management. This offered a comprehensive look at the current state of the client company, the current issues it faced and its responses to these issues, and the future direction and strategies of the client company, from the perspectives of both the president and the CFO.
  2. The president’s message explained the client company’s initiatives toward building the foundation to overcome the issues that it currently faced, as well as the direction of its strategies to further differentiate itself in the medium to long term. The CFO’s message explained the client company’s thoughts on how to strengthen its financial base by reducing costs and improving the efficiency of investments.
  3. In addition, in the CSR section we described the client’s R&D vision as well as highlighted the uniqueness of the client company. In particular, we explained its initiatives in developing technologies that were both environmentally friendly and safe, which many believe will have a strong affect on the future of automobile manufacturers.