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Annual Report Achievements

Case Study 4: Communicating the growth potential of a client company that has been labeled as defensive stock


Gas company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

IR Issues

The client had generally been labeled as a representative example of a defensive stock. Accordingly, we were faced with the IR issue of addressing this preconception and properly communicating to investors the high future growth potential inherent in the gas business. Another issue was explaining such elements of the client company as the unique characteristics of the gas business and its business model in a manner that could be easily understood, even by investors unfamiliar with the client company.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International planned and developed the annual report based around the key points of communicating the growth potential of the gas business and explaining the client’s core medium-term strategies.

  1. We arranged the content of the report in a manner that facilitated easy understanding of the client and its business when read from start to finish.
  2. We began the report with a three-page feature detailing the characteristics of the gas business, as well as the client’s fees and its business model.
  3. We divided the special feature into two sections, an introduction and the body. In the introduction, we explained the key factors driving the client’s future growth potential from four different perspectives. In the body, we introduced three key measures geared toward advancing and developing the client company’s general energy business.
  4. The president’s message, which formed a bridge between both sections of the special feature, offered an oversight into the client company’s environmental awareness as well as an overview of the management policies and goals toward achieving sustainable growth going forward.