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Investors’ Guides Achievements

Case Study 2: Covering a wide range of information and data including overviews of the client group and its history, as well as market data


Major entertainment company

IR Issues

The client was faced with the task of developing a communication tool that was suitable for employee education within the group, as well as for shareholders and other investors, due to its inclusion of a wide range of corporate information and data.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International positioned the corporate guide as a supplement to the annual report, including a variety of information and data on the client company in order to facilitate understanding of the client company.

  1. We included an extensive body of information consisting of performance, financial, industry, and market data; as well as corporate information, such as an overview of the group, its history, and information on product development.
  2. By including a wide variety of corporate information and data, we were able to create a document that is useful to various target reader groups.
  3. We designed the document in a manner that was similar to that of the annual report in order to create synergies as an IR communication tool.