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Shareholder Newsletters / Reports Achievements

Case Study 3: Communicating the client company’s philosophy and its unique characteristics by creating an uplifting, fun impression on each page


Major entertainment company

IR Issues

The client was faced with the IR task of providing shareholders with a clear explanation of such trends as those seen in its performance and strategies. At the same time, they had to promote increased understanding of their business model, which involved managing a diverse business portfolio. It was also important for the client to convey the corporate philosophy and corporate image that drove the development of its business of providing dreams.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International worked to create a newsletter appropriate for an entertainment company that included a rich body of information to help investors better understand the client company.

  1. We created a newsletter that helped investors better understand the client’s diverse businesses by proactively outlining the latest developments in the client company as well as its highly anticipated new products and services.
  2. Understanding the client’s position as a holding company, we treated the newsletter like a special feature in an annual report, offering information on topics from the entire group.
  3. We communicated the friendly nature of the client company through a bright, fun page layout and design that conveyed the future potential of the client company.