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Mailing Lists

Edge International has developed and maintains a global database of institutional investors comprising approximately 1,300 institutions dealing in Japanese stocks as well as over 3,000 fund managers and analysts around the world. Utilizing this database, we can develop mailing lists customized to client specifications by limiting recipients based on such criteria as region, investment style, and stocks held. This allows clients to conduct more-efficient IR activities by targeting specific target groups of investors.

Overview of Institutional Investor Database

Approximately 1,300 institutions dealing in Japanese stocks

  • Includes over 3,000 fund managers and analysts
    Institutions by region: North America, 370; Europe, 620; Asia and other regions, 280 (including 200 institutions within Japan)
  • Updated quarterly to ensure that information regarding fund managers, etc. and their place of business is always current

Overview of Services

Providing mailing lists and labels individually addressed to target institutional investors

  • Number of recipients can be refined based on client specifications
    For example, mailing lists can be compiled based on factors such as region, investment style, capital, stocks held, etc.
  • Physical and electronic distribution capable
  • Edge International will compare mailing lists to the client mailing lists to prevent duplication