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We work with pride and passion supporting our clients’ IR communication needs.

Since our establishment almost 20 years ago, Edge International has focused on its core business of investor relations, particularly planning and creating annual reports and other IR documents. Against a backdrop of financial system reforms and changing social trends, the present day relationship between a company and its shareholders, as well as the relationship between a company and society, is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. And as an important element of management strategy, IR activities also stand on the brink of a period of momentous change. But regardless of the times, we believe a company’s fundamental IR responsibility remains the same—to communicate with the market, namely its shareholders and other investors, in an honest, highly transparent, and accountable manner.

Failure to fulfill this management responsibility may lead the market to conclude that it cannot fairly and accurately evaluate the company. This in turn can result in a heavy risk premium being included in the company’s stock price, and can make it difficult for the company to ensure its stock price reflects its fair value. In this way, if a company’s IR activities fail to function in their role of enhancing corporate value and the market undervalues the company as a result, not only are the number of strategic management options available severely limited, but also the foundation of management itself may be weakened. Consequently, even if takeover defense measures have been developed, it may be difficult to obtain the required support and understanding of shareholders and other investors when these measures are needed.

At Edge International, we are a team of dedicated communication professionals, craftspeople skilled in the effective use of IR communication tools. Our corporate mission is to utilize these skills to help our clients fulfill their IR responsibilities. It is precisely because carrying out this mission demands honesty and perseverance, and because contributing to our clients increased corporate value and sound position in capital markets is such a meaningful task, that we work with unrivaled pride and passion each day to provide our clients with excellent service.

Nobuhiro Kajiwara
Chief Executive Officer
Edge International, Inc.