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Perception Studies

It is not easy for even IR managers, who deal with securities analysts and institutional investors on a daily basis, to grasp the real opinions held about their company. Utilizing our third-party perspective, we conduct surveys targeting both domestic and overseas buy-side analysts, fund managers, and in particular sell-side analysts—all of whom can have a large influence on a company’s stock price—to ascertain how they evaluate our clients, the basis for these evaluations, and what expectations they have for future management and IR activities. We then provide our clients with advice and guidance on their IR policies and activities based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results of these surveys.

Buy side—fund managers, securities analysts
Sell side—securities analysts
Japan, North America, United Kingdom, Europe
Number surveyed:
Direct or telephone interviews lasting 30–60 minutes
Survey items:
  • Evaluation of management
  • Evaluations and concerns regarding management policies and business / financial strategies
  • Expectations regarding management policies and business / financial strategies
  • Evaluations and expectations regarding IR activities, etc.